PITT 6.1

PITT software is a utility intended for PKI integrators

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The PKI Interoperability Test Tool (PITT) is a utility intended for PKI integrators. It allows inspection and troubleshooting of certification path processing for a given PKI using both PKIF and Microsoft CAPI. It’s especially useful for identifying a portion of your PKI that may be causing performance problems.
- Highly configurable PKI settings
- Store certificates and settings in project files
- Check availability and performance of URIs in certificate extensions
- Discover and display information about certification paths using both PKIF and CAPI
- Show all discoverable paths for a particular certificate
- Export certificates and revocation data used to make a path processing determination
- Build and validate all CA paths reachable in a machine’s certificate stores
- Entry of user-specified inputs to the RFC 5280 path processing algorithm

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